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Processing Characteristics of Super - hard Abrasives

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(1) hardness is to determine the main characteristics of abrasive performance. Superhard abrasive itself has a very high hardness, it can process a variety of high hardness materials, especially ordinary abrasive materials difficult to process. For example, the use of diamond abrasive machining of cemented carbide and ceramics, agate, optical glass, semiconductor materials, stone, concrete and other non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals; with CBN abrasive tool steel, mold steel, stainless steel, Heat alloy, especially in the processing of high-vanadium high-speed steel and other ferrous metals, can be satisfied with the processing results.

(2) super abrasive abrasive wear less, long life cycle, high grinding ratio, under reasonable conditions of use, access to good economic results, especially for ordinary abrasive difficult to process materials, better economic results .

(3) super-hard abrasive abrasive shape and size changes in the use of very slow, is conducive to grinding operations, the processing also need not often change the wheel, can greatly save man-hours, more suitable for automatic online processing of high-precision parts. Superabrasive abrasives are rarely trimmed in use, and some resin-bonded superabrasives can even eliminate the need for dressing, resulting in a significant improvement in working conditions.

(4) super-hard abrasive abrasive can be a long time to maintain a sharp cutting edge, because the grinding force is small, which is not only conducive to the accuracy of parts to be machined and finish improved, but also reduce the power consumption of machine tools.

(5) super-hard abrasive abrasive grinding temperature is low, can greatly improve the surface quality of the workpiece to avoid parts of cracks, burns, tissue changes and other ills; also greatly improve the processing of surface stress conditions, is conducive to Parts of the extension of life, so that comprehensive economic indicators can be improved.
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