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According to the different casting system type can be divided into three categories of plastic mold

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(1) large outlet mold: runner and gate in the parting line, with the product in the mold with the release, the most simple design, easy processing, low cost, so more people use a large outlet system operations. Plastic mold structure is divided into two parts: dynamic mode and fixed mode. With the injection machine part of the dynamic model (mostly for the ejection side), the injector injection end is generally not known as the fixed die. Because of the large nozzle mold part of the mold is generally composed of two steel plate is also called such a structural mold for the "two-board mode." The two-plate mold is the simplest structure in the large-mouth mold.

(2) the mold of the water outlet: the flow channel and the gate are not on the parting line, generally directly on the product, so we must design a group of outlet mold parting line, the design is more complex, the processing is more difficult, generally depends on the product request Small water mouth system. Hose mold part of the mold is generally composed of three steel plate is also called such a structural mold for the "three-plate mode." Three-plate mold is the most simple structure of the nozzle.

(3) hot runner mold: This mold structure and the water inlet is roughly the same, the biggest difference is that the flow channel is in one or more of the hot runner plate and hot mouth, no cold material stripping, flow and pouring The system is also known as the no-mouth system, can save raw materials, suitable for more expensive raw materials, products require a higher situation, design and processing difficulties, high mold costs. Hot runner system, also known as hot runner system, mainly by the hot sprue sets, hot runner board, temperature control box composition. Our common hot runner system has a single point of hot gates and multi-point hot gates in two forms. Single-point thermal gate is a single hot gate set directly into the cavity of the molten plastic, which applies a single cavity single gate of the plastic mold; multi-point hot runner through the hot runner plate to the melt branched to the Sub-hot sprue sets and then into the cavity, it is suitable for single-cavity multi-point multi-cavity feeding or mold.

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