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  • Stamping die guide sleeve specifications how to choose?[2016-12-21]
  • See MISUMI stamping standard parts of the book to see how much you look at the design of the mold, the larger the mold, the guide column must be thick, the corresponding number should be…
  • Mold knowledge: plastic mold manufacturing standards[2016-12-21]
  • In the plastic processing industry and supporting plastic molding machine, plastic mold is a plastic products to give complete configuration and precise size of the tool. Many plastic pr…
  • NC equipment, mold has become an important development trend[2016-12-21]
  • China is gradually from the NC mold manufacturing power to mold manufacturing power. On the domestic market, the mold industry production and demand Liang Wang, business investment enthu…
  • Analysis of plastic mold products applications[2016-12-21]
  • Injection mold is the production of various industrial products, an important process equipment, with the rapid development of the plastics industry, and plastic products in the aviation…
  • Analysis of the Influence of Die Design and Manufacture on Plastic Pla…[2016-12-21]
  • In order to ensure that the surface of plastic plating without defects, no obvious orientation of the organizational structure and internal stress in the design and manufacture of molds …
  • Problems in Domestic Mold Material Market[2016-12-20]
  • Tool materials include a wide range of materials from the general carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel, stainless…
  • Die parts of the anti-fatigue fracture performance depends on what fac…[2016-12-20]
  • Mold industry continues to expand, but also further intensified competition in the industry, market capacity and industry profits continue to compress, which to a large number of small a…
  • Analysis of polishing material problems[2016-12-20]
  • The main influencing factors are as follows: 1, polishing pressure and polishing time; 2, the purity of steel, in particular, the hardness of inclusions (impurities) content; 3, polis…
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