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  • Analysis on Development Trend of Die & Mold Industry in[2016-12-21]
  • Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the national economy, the market demand for mold growing. In recent years, the mold industry has been about 15% growth ra…
  • Analysis of Damage of Stamping Die[2016-12-21]
  • 1, check the stamping die manufacturing materials are appropriate, the corresponding heat buried process is reasonable. Through the stamping die heat treatment process of its great impa…
  • Mold exhaust groove in the form and exhaust attentio[2016-12-21]
  • 1. The role of the exhaust slot: In the injection mold, the mold cavity of the air Exclude the various gases produced during the heating process2. Exhaust slot in the form: Straight bar …
  • What should pay attention to when using the mold?[2016-12-21]
  • Mold should pay attention to:1, the mold must be mixed evenly before use to ensure that products play zui good performance.2, the mold before the use of the mother mold surface cleaning …
  • Five Problems of Stamping Die and Its Solution[2016-12-21]
  • (1) punch wear too fast The main reason: ① mold gap is too small, the general Jian-Han mold the total gap for the material thickness of 20%, 25%. ② convex and concave mold on the neu…
  • Precautions for Electroplating Zinc from Different Substrates[2016-12-20]
  • Different types of metal substrate, the galvanized process, there are some differences in the method, the need to pay attention to the matter is not the same, the following describes the…
  • China mold industry development prospects[2016-12-20]
  • Daily production, life used in a variety of tools and products, all with the mold has a close relationship. Mold shape determines the shape of these products, mold processing quality an…
  • Analysis of Market Demand for Global Automotive Stamping Die Market[2016-12-20]
  • The development of the automotive stamping die industry is closely related to the development of the downstream automobile industry. The steady and rapid development of the downstream au…
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