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      Kunshan Huiyeda Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in January 2013, is located in Kunshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone Wang Shan North Road, 55. Plant area of ??7,400 square meters, convenient transportation, the surrounding complete.
      The company is committed to precision metal parts manufacturing industry, including the design and manufacture of precision molds, precision stamping parts, turning parts, automation equipment, tooling fixture, fixture design, manufacture, installation and debugging, and provide relevant technical support and after-sales service .
      Hui Ye has a team of years of experience in the design team, able to provide customers with sound and thoughtful service.

      Equipment Capability:
      Equipment such as lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, internal or  cylindrical grinding, fast or slow walking wire, sparks machines, fine-hole dynamo, machining centers and other precision machine, with sandblasting machine, roller mill, washing machine and other processing aids equipment. Processing accuracy of 0.002 mm; detection with a projector, a high degree of instrument, hardness, micrometer, and other high-precision detection equipment, detection accuracy of 0.001 mm.

      Service Provided:
      Business development and design and development of synchronization, refers to the customer service through the effective provision of technical support, reduce process costs, from the production equipment, tools, folder fixture to improve and improve the efficiency of productivity, or to help customers solve some engineers Specific projects, real-time reflect the professionalism. Consultancy-style business development and design and development services is the time and development-oriented.

      Processing characteristics:
      According to the drawings, sample processing will reflect our processing capacity and professionalism, with a unique processing technology and cutting technology standards to win Japanese, US, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises and other support.

      Quality Control:
      The full implementation of 5S campaign, on-site quality management and real-time quality review is to achieve the established quality of the foundation, in accordance with the ISO9001: 2000 quality management mode operation, reduce quality failure costs, strict control of external failure costs. To meet customer demand for quality and satisfied that period.

      Quality Policy:
Product quality and stability, quality of service, customers will meet! 
Contact:Mr. Zhang   Mobile:13915755857  Tel:0512-50131995  Fax:0512-36694410
E-mail:hyd_jerry@163.com  Website:www.xiechengdiandu.com  Address:Kunshan City Yushan Town, Wang Shan Road 55
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